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2SLEEP Sleep Practitioners About Us


2SLEEP are Sleep Practitioners, specialising in sleep support for children with and without special needs. 


Vanessa Moore and Carol Prideaux are Sleep Practitioners, specialising in sleep support for children with and without special needs. We were trained by Dr Cathy Hill, a senior lecturer in Child Health who heads a multi-disciplinary sleep-based team within Solent NHS Trust, and Scope Sleep Services.


We know from our personal experience with our own children how difficult it can be living with a child who has a sleep problem. Both of us have children with autism and complex health issues as well as other children without disabilities that had issues with sleep. Having dealt with sleep issues in our own children we truly understand the effects of sleep deprivation and the impact that it can have on all members of the family.


Together we make up 2SLEEP, a private sleep service which aims to provide practical help to support families and professionals working with families who have a child with a sleep issue. We are experienced in running seminars and training workshops for parent groups, schools and professionals who want to learn more about managing sleep problems in children with and without special needs. We also work with families to set up individual sleep programmes tailored to the needs of their child.



Sleep Practitioners undertake specialised training on how children sleep and different kinds of sleep problems. Using a behavioural perspective, they examine how children develop poor sleep patterns and how much of this is learned behaviour.


Where children are experiencing issues with sleep, practitioners can give advice to families and / or devise a behavioural sleep plan which they then help families implement. Sleep plans looking at sleep behaviour are developed by completing a detailed sleep interview, the family keeping a sleep diary over two weeks and through discussion with the family on how they would like to approach their child’s sleep issue.



2SLEEP | Sleep Practitioners
Vanessa Moore
Co-Founder & Director

"Before having my children I worked as an HR Consultant and have an MA in Human Resource Management and Training and I am a qualified NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) specialist. Both of my children were born prematurely and my oldest child has autism".

2SLEEP | Sleep Practitioners
Carol Prideaux
Co-Founder & Director

"I taught in primary schools in the London Borough of Newham for 12 years before having children. My youngest child has autism and epilepsy".

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  • 2SLEEP are members of The British Sleep Society

  • Vanessa Moore and Carol Prideaux are trained and certified as Sleep Practitioners by Scope Sleep Services and NHS Southampton Trust

  • Vanessa Moore is a trained and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming specialist

  • Carol Prideaux is a qualified teacher


Need Help With Sleep? Get in Touch.

If you have any questions about the sleep support or 2SLEEP we would be very happy to answer them.


We can be contacted in the following ways:



Phone or text: 07914 308227

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